Guided Tour of GearHead Caramel

I’ve made a short video of GearHead Caramel to show off some of the new features.


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    • Unrealmanner on June 5, 2020 at 12:24 am
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    Been a huge fan of your gearhead games. Played both the first and the second game to death. I have a question about Caramel though. How do I salvage/loot mechs after battle? Tried pressing every button on my keyboard to no avail. Do I require a certain skill or am I just missing something here?

    1. Looting is not implemented yet. I’ve been thinking of ways to streamline the looting process, such as to bring up a list of salvaged items at the end of combat that you can either add to your stash or sell for scrap.

      Salvage does happen now, but it probably needs an upgrade. Currently you have a chance of recovering an enemy mecha that increases based on your lance’s Repair skill.

      Enemy pilots ejecting/retreating also needs to be added.

        • Unrealmanner on June 5, 2020 at 10:10 am
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        Thanks for the quick answer Joseph. I do have another question though. Will there be a way to recruit enemy pilots as lancemates during combat? Like if you use the negotiation/persuation/intimidation skill when their mech is almost destroyed and convince them to surrender. You maybe get a chance to ask them to join you or just pry them for some information like the location for a secret stash of items?

        1. Yes, this is something that I am currently working on, and not just because my son and I binge watched She-Ra this week while I was home with bronchitis.

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