GHC v0.810: Black Market Blues


GHCaramel v0.810 has just been released. A lot of the work this time around was under the hood- things have been refactored and updated to make future development (especially of the scenario generator) easier and less bug-prone. The big visible changes this time around are the new Black Market Blues scenario for DeadZone Drifter, the fact that you can edit your character’s appearance, gender, and name any time from the FieldHQ menu, and also the fact that gender is now completely customizable. I will note that Caves of Qud beat me at being the first Roguelike with fully customizable gender by a couple of weeks, but it’s kind of neat that we both did it in the same month. If I had known what Brian was planning I would’ve made a v0.805 release earlier.


You can download v0.810 from GitHub,, and Patreon.

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