Death Sword

Death Sword is a haunted 1980s-style adventure RPG. There is a malevolent presence trapped in the program; as the game world breaks down, you will learn more about this entity and the fate of the teenage programmer who created Death Sword. Developer Ranilda Baeddel is currently running a GoFundMe so she can finish this game over the summer. If you could contribute something I’d really appreciate it because I really want to play the final version of this game. I spent an entire morning when I should have been working going through the demo on, advancing through the chapters and discovering all the ways to die.

Is there a name for the genre of horror in which a familiar thing is twisted into something scary? The fear comes from systems and rules that we thought were stable suddenly breaking down, allowing horror to seep through. I’m thinking about works like this, Candle Cove, or Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared.

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