GearHead Caramel Scenario Creator

A picture of the GearHead Caramel scenario generator.

It’ll be easy, I thought. Just throw some widgets together to link boilerplate code and you’ll be finished in a week. I really need to stop listening to my stupid brain.

Anyhow, I’ve been working on a GearHead Caramel scenario editor! In theory, this should allow players to create scenarios for GearHead Caramel without knowing a lick of Python. It should also allow player-created scenarios to be distributed without the intrinsic security problems of distributing Python scripts. The next release of GearHead Caramel (hopefully soon…) will have an early alpha version of this editor. Everything seems to be working, and it is possible to create simple scenarios in it. The big obstacle for now is the interface, which just lists every adventure component in an unsorted tree view and is therefore not very user friendly.

As soon as the scenario I’m currently building via the editor is somewhat playable, I plan to make a release. If you want to try the editor before then you can download the source from GitHub and try from there.


  1. Font looks nice.

    1. That’s half the battle right there.

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