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I’ve arranged the new Field HQ display, which now shows info about the team’s mecha in the right side panel. Unfortunately, I can’t find several of the original mecha portrait files, which is a problem because I’m resizing them to 160×160 instead of 100×150*. One of the problems with the 100×150 GH2 mecha pics is that large, bulky units such as the Savin and the Zwar come out looking smaller than tall skinny units like the Ice Wind and the War Cry.

The mecha info panel could probably use some more information:

  • Separate tallies for internal and carried mass, showing the MV/TR penalty associated with each.
  • The number of hands and weapon mounts, as per GH2.
  • Damage status. I just realized that’s not even shown.
  • List of defensive systems: ECM, shields, anti-missile weapons.
  • Daemonward’s encumberance display.

That seems like an awful lot to fit into a single 250×300 panel. Anything else that should be displayed?

*Yes, I’m aware that this Savin is being depicted as a Zerosaiko. The Savin portrait is one of the ones I can’t find. 🙁


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    • Francisco Muñoz on March 15, 2016 at 3:09 pm
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    As the line art is fairly clear you should be able to vectorize it and scale. (With the added bonus of getting a scalable version)

    • Sofist_ps on March 16, 2016 at 9:04 am
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    I am sorry if my comment is misplaced.
    There are some minor issues and a wish list.
    1) there is no walls transparency is some locations and places: “public library”, warehouse monster exterminate mission, hangar walls in city and more

    2) in mecha combat:
    cruise over hight hill
    don’t move
    Result: jump countdown will not stop. And when jump time remaining reach zero it starts to increase.

    3) i have hit monster in close combat with Hammer of Justice for 5 damage (1 hit ?) and damaged monster’s both rear legs

    4) sometimes Hammer of Justice or other high damaging melee weapon (monomolecular whip) starts fire on attack. Is it intended?

    5) in combat:
    select weapon in weapon menu
    select target – you will see target’s status
    hit “/” for part selection
    hit “space” to confirm – you will see your own status (issue?) and target’s parts list
    you changed your mind and want to cancel attack, but when you hit “Escape” you will attack anyway

    6) when there are several objects (smoke, body, monster) on the same tile you can’t “l”ook at them – all you will see is an objects list

    7) in inventory view or field HQ view when you select item from the list, do something (drop) or just exit from item menu, then cursor moves to the first item in the list

    8) in personal combat when you hit “a” button, then game can auto select previously thrown enemy’s weapon (trident)

    wish list:
    1) is it possible to made filter in the inventory list and in Field HQ list? For example – filters in Field HQ:
    party – show only party members
    party mecha – show only party mecha
    parts – show only mecha parts (pods, legs, arms)
    weapon – show only weapon
    mecha – show all mecha…

    2) there are many external armour parts that have same name, but have different weight. is it possible to add “materials” to the game? List containing “class 2 BuruSteel leg armour”, “class 2 Savinium leg armour” and “class 2 StarAlloy leg armour” will look much better then three “class 2 leg armour entries” with different weight value. Furthermore “materials” allow more mecha customisation. For example you could change BuruBuru armour from BuruSteel to Savinium for less weight in special workshop.

    3) is it possible to add such functions for phone as “redial” and “phone book”?

      • Sofist_ps on March 16, 2016 at 9:08 am
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      I’m sorry
      “don’t move” it is Wait or attack.

      • Sofist_ps on March 16, 2016 at 9:27 am
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      one more thing:
      it seems that SF1 weapons weight nothing in SF2 mecha inventory

    1. This is as good a place as any. I appreciate the feedback! I’ve added the problems to my to-do list.

      Request 1: Good idea.

      Request 2: This is one of the features in the new GearHead game, but I have no immediate plans to add it to GH1 since it would be a lot of work. Maybe someday.

      Request 3: There is already a redial function, if you enter * as the name to call. You can also call a job name, for instance “mechanic” or “doctor”, to get that service. There’s apparently a phone book function in the internationalized version of GearHead which I will try to add.

    • Michael on March 17, 2016 at 4:36 am
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    can you, pretty please if it does not break your heart, make the mecha/mecha-inventory menus remember their position after you do something with an item? the use-case is, say, an empty wasp chassis named =supplies= in which you keep 20..30ish of general repair/welding/medical/first-aid kits. i have about a dozen chassis like this that i used to learn about the items with and which i use to cache store purchases in. it would eliminate lots of fingerwork if the menus remembered.

    also, the menu that has the ‘transfer’ option, and the listbox with the alphabetical mechas-in-town list have no single letter shortcuts. making these remember position and/or have shortcut letters would make town-stopovers something i don’t have to dread 😉

    btw, bug report … i customized my key-layout for and realized that in personal combat called-shots is hard-coded. also weapon switching with called-shots does not actually work there in any of the combos i tried.

    yes, redial/ phone-book (tracking the professions, factions if they are known) would be great. redial for ease, phonebook for when you’re doing a new game and no longer need/want to write everything down outside of the game. .. also showing the item weights in inventory listings would be a great life-saver (no materials needed)

    thanks very much for this cool time-waster! a forum would be great as i have started as refugee from overlord and cant fight in the hogye arena. i’d like to hack it so that i can and then fight in snake lake.

    bowing out, thanks again.

    1. I will definitely be adding that. As you say, having the menu reset on each use is a PITA.

    • Francisco Muñoz on March 17, 2016 at 12:26 pm
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    I have gray-scale versions of your drawings from the time I used to create the item images for Ovakight and the Petrach.

    Also an Argos’ one created by myself (mimicking the other mecha style of the same manufacturer)

    (I have a bit of trouble adding the links)

    1. I think I found those same drawings. Some of these mecha deserve a bit of a makeover, anyhow.

        • Francisco Muñoz on March 17, 2016 at 2:36 pm
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        I had saved somewhere all the large mechas images you used in the website some time ago… I’ll have to check my external drivers so it’ll take some time.

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