Dungeon Monkey Eternal


Dungeon Monkey Eternal is the latest game in the Dungeon Monkey series, and the first written in Python. I started this project as a warm-up for GearHead3, under the apparently correct assumption that diving straight into a big project using a language I didn’t really know would have been a bad idea.


You can create a party of up to four characters, then take them on a series of short, randomly generated adventures. Between quests the party will return to town for healing, shopping, and changing the party roster. There’s enough content to keep going until around level 12, after which things start to get a bit sparse. I should really add a capstone adventure so that characters reaching that level are able to retire.

Later on I’ll post more about the bits of DME that are going to be used in GearHead 3. For now, you can download the game from GitHub. To play it you need Python 2.7 and PyGame installed.

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