GearHead Caramel on

Title screen of GearHead Caramel showing a dielancer mecha.

I’ve just uploaded GearHead Caramel to Its price there is $10, but you will still be able to download the game from GitHub for free. Think of it as a throwback to 1990s shareware. I hope that if you enjoy the game you will consider buying it to support development.

If all goes well, later on I would like to upload all three GearHead games to Steam. I plan to use the 3D models I’m currently making to fill in all the missing mecha sprites from GH1 and GH2.


    • pnf on January 10, 2021 at 3:36 am
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    Are you including auto-updating features? I’d be happy to support you, just curious what your plan is to manage this since you iterate through versions at a decent clip.

  1. The version automatically updates if it’s installed from the app; likewise the eventual Steam release will be automatically updates by the Steam client. I have no current plans to add auto-updating to GHC myself because I know nothing about network programming and it sounds like a security nightmare.

  2. Hello again, and i am willing to help you with your games!) You see, i am following your projects for a long time, for more than 12 years. I was inspired and had many attempts top mod it, but i am not that good with coding. I also asked if it possible to add a 3D support to the GH1 because even simple static models with simple skins can be modular, and add so much visual variety to the game. Pixel art is fine too, like if you add some kind of framework for modular personal weapons, i can make a different sets of parts from various manufacturers, like you see in borderlands) I actually have a concept for a full new game, but i am not going to pull it off alone. I can explain and offer more if you interested)

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