The Summer Starts Now

Super Sentai Dance Scene

I have submitted all my grading for the semester and don’t have any classes this summer, so it’s time for me to catch up on GearHead stuff. And comics. And cleaning my house.


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    • almkglor on July 7, 2020 at 8:46 am
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    Caramel needs more mecha! There’s a very big jump in difficulty from Nova Storm Buru Buru at 1.1M$ to Zerosaiko at 2.6M$. I have some designs in-between those, but I suck at art, bleah. Somebody change the LISTEN TO MY SONG failure animations please.

    Also, we need more powerful engines available. Zerosaiko are hardly ever seen for sale at Wujung anymore, because of the saturation of low-cost mecha.

    Aaaaaaand Charge is underpriced. It’s not OP, it’s just powerful enough to make melee mecha actually useful, but it’s **way** underpriced.

  1. Any requests for the next few mecha to add?

      • almkglor on July 8, 2020 at 8:02 am
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      The most memorable GH1 mecha for me (that aren’t in Caramel yet) are Daum. Condor, Vadel (please complete it!!!!), Radcliff (PHS-8s!!!! SHOOT THE HEAD), Harpy, Savin, and the unique mecha Anubis, Gladius, and Argoseyer.

      Of these, possibly only the Daum, Condor and Vadel, and *maybe* the Radcliff, can fit between the Nova Storm and the Zerosaiko, though. And we do not have flying mecha yet, so I don’t know if Condor would be implementable.

      We also need a unique mecha for some event.

    • Jay2Jay on July 19, 2020 at 10:51 pm
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    Out of curiosity, what are your plans in regards to Gearhead 1 & 2? I only ask because Gearhead 1 was updated more recently than Gearhead 2, which remains unfinished. Are you done with both of them? Or do you intend on working on either of them again at some point?

    1. GearHead 1 and 2 will continue to get occasional updates, but probably no big content expansions. GH1 is essentially finished (the only incomplete thing I remember is the Rusty Scepter quest) while GH2 has all kinds of loose ends but at least the main quest is complete (I meant to add the Dusty Ring colonies, the origin of the Exorgs, Maupertuis Rock, and more about the Red Mask Raiders). The scripting system used in these games is absolutely terrible. I think I’m the only person who has ever really understood it, and even I can’t remember exactly how things are supposed to work. At some point in the future I may add the scenarios from GH1 and GH2 to GearHead Caramel and finish the GH2 storyline there, which I realize is not necessarily ideal.

        • almkglor on July 27, 2020 at 4:03 am
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        Agree on the scripting system being absolutely terrible, like a quasi-stack-based and without any good types (everything is a number, even identifiers for quest items are just random numbers). GH1 is indeed complete IMO, there are enough side-quests to keep it fun, and you could just excise Rusty Scepter. Never played GH2 myself tho.

        Also are breakpoints for Extropian in GH1 at +4 +7 +10.. instead of +3 +6 +9?

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