End of June Status Report

Things have been a bit quiet on the GearHead front as I’m finishing up my first semester as a professor at a new university, getting all of the spring grades calculated + submitted, editing the videos for our online summer session, and still getting over a bout of bronchitis that fortunately is not Covid 19. My next goals for GearHead Caramel are to add more local quests to fill out the DeadZone towns, to get personal scale combat working, and then to start on the second half of the DeadZone Drifter plot.


    • AmkG on June 29, 2020 at 9:31 am
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    Aaaaand github is down. Had 6 pull requests queued up too. Hoping they get merged soon!

    1. Nuts. I merged some of them earlier today. Regarding the one to make custom mecha more common, I was going to suggest that instead of just handing out more custom mecha, maybe 1) every major NPC should get a custom mecha and 2) the custom mecha are more likely to be salvaged than regular mecha.

        • AmkG on June 29, 2020 at 4:02 pm
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        Okay, I can change the champions-more-likely-to-be-salvaged, not so certain about making major NPCs get a champion mecha, that seems more extensive.

        How about the difficulty of 1v1 champion fights? Looks like making them +30 over your rank is compounded even further by the +10 added by `generate_ace`, and I have never won 1v1 champion fights even with tricked-out mecha.

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