The fundraising campaign for GearHead Caramel was successful, and the image recoloring method has been translated to a C extension. The new version is literally 100x faster than the Python one. Changing portrait colors used to cause a noticeable delay, but now it’s instantaneous. Many thanks to A Bunch of Hacks for their good work!

Work on GearHead Caramel has been continuing at a good pace. In addition to the new recoloring extension, missions are now working in the DeadZone Drifter scenario and there are two new eyecatch screens by Thomas Noppers of Mutant Gangland fame.

If you ever arrive at this blog and it hasn’t been updated in a while, check my twitter feed in the right column. I’ve probably just gotten stuck in a loop of “I’ll update the blog when this thing is finished”, but in a roguelike game there is always something else to do…

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