The Adventure System

Today I updated GearHead Caramel’s adventure system. This is the bit that allows temporary content to be added to a campaign and then removed later- the same kind of stuff as GearHead 1 and GearHead 2’s random plots.

GearHead Caramel inherited its plot system from Dungeon Monkey Eternal, and while DME has the ability to add and remove adventures to a campaign the method for doing so is awfully kludgy. I won’t go into the gory details here but suffice it to say you needed a dead pheasant and access to a graveyard at midnight.

In the refurbished adventure system, you can simply define an adventure object, and this will be inherited by all subplots. You can end the adventure or any individual subplot any time you like. Similarly, when you create a new scene you can define it as temporary. When the plot that created it ends, the scene is removed from the adventure (along with all of its children).

One problem right now is that if you end an adventure while the PC is still inside one of its temporary scenes, bad things happen. I’ve stuck a notice in the code that you should only end an adventure when the player character is leaving that area. I’m sure I’ll find all kinds of other problems, limitations, and unintended consequences as development continues.

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