GearHead Caramel v0.120: Getting Skillful

I’m happy to announce a new release of GearHead Caramel: Winter Mocha. The enemies are now smarter. The repair skills work. Module attacks have been added, so if you run out of ammo you can at least go down kicking. Configuration can be edited in-game, and there’s an option to disable the music (which was causing problems on certain computers). The Thorshammer has its flame cannon, and there are a number of new mecha.

There are precompiled binaries for Linux and Windows, while the source distribution should run on any computer that supports Python 2.7 and PyGame. See below for the full list of changes.

– Version indicated on title screen (
– Repair skills working (gears/
– Added skill invocations (gears/
– Added generic invocation targeting UI (game/
– Head mounted sensors get a range bonus (gears/
– Added ChemThrower, Chem gears (gears/
– Ammo cost, mass, volume now affected by attributes (gears/
– Added names_above_heads config option (pbge/scenes/
– Added option to disable music (pbge/)
– The Esc key will now bring up an options menu in-game (game/)
– Added configuration editor (game/
– Reduced power cost of energy, beam weapons (gears/
– Added Intercept, Flail, Defender, ConeAttack, and LineAttack attack attributes (gears/
– Added Parry, Intercept defenses (gears/)
– Successfully blocking with shield damages shield, costs 1 stamina (gears/)
– Attack invocations record “thrill power” (gears/
– Modules now have attacks (gears/
– Shields cause aim penalty for weapons in same arm (gears/
– Head mounted cockpits provide +10 Mobility (gears/
– Fixed crash when player mecha runs out of attacks (game/combat)
– Added random mecha selector (gears/
– Improved the enemy AI (game/combat/

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