SDH-22 Corsair

For many years, the Corsair was the main battle mecha used by the Terran Defense Force. The Corsair was designed to fulfill every possible combat role. It exemplifies the “multi-purpose battroid” model that was popular in the 120s: a handheld ranged weapon, a collar mounted support weapon, a shield, and a secondary movement mode. The standard model does not include a close combat weapon because at the time it was believed this would be a waste of mass.

As time went on and the threats faced by the Defense Force became more varied, the shortcomings of the Corsair design became apparent. Rather than having one mecha that tries to do everything, the current strategy is to employ a variety of models with differing specialties. Although many Corsairs are still used by the Defense Force they are slowly being phased out in favor of newer models such as the Kojedo, Fenris, and Daum.

A large number of Corsairs have fallen into the second hand mecha market, where they are popular with both truckers and bandits.

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