Future Plans for GearHead Caramel

Hopefully, by now at least a few of you have tried the latest version of GearHead Caramel: Winter Mocha. How do you find it- too easy? Too hard?

My plan for Winter Mocha is to use it as the introductory scenario and tutorial level for GearHead Caramel. As the planned features get added to the game, they also get added to the scenario as demonstrations. Currently there are two possible lancemates; each of the lancemates other than Vikki (who just fights, and is pretty good at it) is going to have one specialist skill. By trying out different lancemates, you can learn how each of the specialist skills work (Carter is slated to be the Mecha Repair character, but I haven’t added the skill use interface yet). The other planned lancemates are:

  • Omega 1004: Computers
  • Either Jiro or Onawa: Stealth
  • Skippy: Scouting

Currently, the enemy AI is pretty bad. Today on the KTX train I decided to write a better AI, but it worked a little too well. Whereas before I could almost always complete the mission with a random pilot and the garbage meks, now I have trouble getting through it with a character that finished GearHead1.

I have two scenarios planned for the near future. Summer Caramel will be a story-heavy scenario set at the Mauna Arena in the summer of NT159. A group of famous cavaliers from all over the solar system is taking part, but not everyone is there for the tournament. One of the pilots is actually a thief planning to steal a sample of Typhon’s corpse as it is transported from Last Hope’s Mesa Research Station to Hogye’s Calmegie Lab. The player will be able to uncover the thief, join the thief, ignore the intrigue and just try to win the tournament, get a hot date for the big party, or some combination of the above.

The second scenario, tentatively titled The DeadZone Tour, is more action focused. The player sets off on a journey across the Central Eurasian deadzone. Each stop along the way is a Dungeon Monkey Eternal-esque randomly generated scenario. Maybe you pass through a village that needs your help, get accosted by ravagers, or discover a PreZero ruin that contains fantastic treasure. This one was inspired by the Judge Dredd Cursed Earth saga and is meant to provide more freeform, thrill-powered play.

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    • nymersic on February 24, 2018 at 2:09 am
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    Personally, I love the idea that you made the AI a bit “too good”.

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