THD-36 Thorshammer

The Thorshammer is a heavy weapons battroid produced by RegEx Corporation. It is that company’s most popular model, being used by the Federation Defense Force, the Pro Duelist Association, the Bohemian Collective, and various other organizations throughout the solar system.


    • TimTheWizard on January 24, 2018 at 2:46 pm
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    Hullo, Joseph. I dunno where to put this among the many posts so i’ll leave it here. In my last playthrough of GearHead 1, I ended up becoming 49 villanous and 9 chaotic after the battle with Typhon even though I was in the 60s of heroic and lawful before. Maybe it has something to do with how the NPC that was supposed to merge with Typhon after I kill her wasn’t hostile when I reached her at the basement. After walking around she somehow trapped me in a single tile by standing in the only tile not covered in walls. So, technically, she was neutral when i killed her. Is this part of the game or a bug?

    1. That is a bug. Attacking neutral NPCs normally gives villainous reputation, but sometimes the program gets confused about who’s neutral and who isn’t. You should be able to restore your reputation by entering Reputation 1 110 in the script console.

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