Z45-60 Zerosaiko

The Zerosaiko is one of the most popular mecha in the GearHead universe. It is designed for mobility and maneuverability. The basic version lacks firepower, but this is easily fixed with a little modification.

Originally the Zerosaiko was produced exclusively by Zero Tech, a family-run company in Namok. In NT160 Zero Tech was acquired by Kettel Industries. This has caused some controversy, as many cavaliers believe that the Kettel-manufactured Zerosaiko isn’t built to the same quality as the Zero Tech-manufactured models.

Zero Tech’s longtime rival is Vadel Industries. These companies are the GearHead universe equivalent of high quality/low volume sports car manufacturers like Ferrari and Lamborghini. The name Zerosaiko comes from the nickname of one of my students- “Zero Psycho”. Zero was a Korean card game popular among elementary school students; this particular girl was absolutely nuts about it. I thought it would make a good name for a giant robot, and it did.

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    • Cornuthaum on February 8, 2018 at 9:03 am
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    The Zerosaiko, the Haiho (hi-ho!) and the Savin (the lovely, lovely Savin) are most assuredly the most iconic mechs of Gearhead for me. Good stuff 😀

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