GearHead Caramel One Week Update

BuruBuru mecha standing in snow up to its knees.

Snow Day; acrylic on Canson acrylic paper.

Thanks to everyone who has provided feedback on GearHead Caramel so far. If you haven’t tried it yet, you can download the release or the latest commit from GitHub.

I’ve heard one report of fullscreen mode not working properly on a laptop computer. I haven’t managed to replicate that problem, but I did find that fullscreen mode runs slowly on my office Windows computer (which is not the greatest computer in the world, to be fair). If you encounter problems with fullscreen, you can switch to windowed mode by editing the configuration file which should be in your home directory’s “ghcaramel” folder. The window is resizeable so you can stretch it back to nearly fullscreen.

My next step is to expand the Winter Mocha scenario into a proper tutorial level and introduction to the GearHead universe. Here are some things I’m hoping to include in the next release:

  • Some more NPCs to talk to, including alternate lancemates.
  • More content for the mission scene, with the goal of replayability.
  • Get the rest of the main rules working; add shields and intercept weapons.
  • The ability to set screen mode and other options from within the game.
  • Personality traits which alter dialogue (this is already working in the dev version).
  • The ability to import characters from GearHead1 (this is mostly working now).

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