GearHead2 v0.700: All Caught Up

I’ve just uploaded a new version of GearHead2 that catches development up to the current state of GearHead1 and fixes a number of bugs that have been hanging around since the switch back to SDL. You can download the source code and binaries for Windows or Linux from this link.


    • Someone on December 3, 2017 at 7:41 am
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    It crashes and gives me the following when I create a new character:

    An unhandled exception occurred at $004B12A2:

    EInOutError: Invalid filename

    $004B12A2 PCSAVECAMPAIGN, line 1117 of ./gearhead-2/pcaction.pp

    $00426FDE REALSCENEPLAYER, line 1178 of ./gearhead-2/arenaplay.pp

    $00427316 SCENEPLAYER, line 1266 of ./gearhead-2/arenaplay.pp

    $004128B8 NAVIGATOR, line 176 of ./gearhead-2/navigate.pp

    $00413740 STARTCAMPAIGN, line 863 of ./gearhead-2/navigate.pp

    $00401A5D STARTRPGCAMPAIGN, line 109 of ./gearhead-2/gearhead2.pas

    $00401E28 main, line 238 of ./gearhead-2/gearhead2.pas

    • Shin Majin on December 10, 2017 at 12:29 am
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    Whoah, an update to GH2!?

    …what do you mean, it caught up to GH1?

    1. Recently I updated GH1 with a number of new features and bugfixes, and now GH2 has those as well.

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