Good Week for GearHead2 Development


I’ve managed to get a lot of stuff done with GearHead-2 this week. The resizeable interface seems to be working all over. The expanded gender and romance options from GearHead1 have been incorporated. Several bugs have been fixed. Work on a new title screen has begun. No promises, but maybe there will be a new release next week.


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    • Francisco Muñoz on November 18, 2016 at 4:51 pm
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    I’ll try to commit some images later today and maybe some extra mecha spritesfrom Phil Muñoz too!

    1. Fantastic!

    • Cornuthaum on November 20, 2016 at 10:23 am
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    Have you watched Futurama? The episode where Fry inherits 4 billion dollars, and his reaction to it?

    *That’s my reaction to this news* 😀

  1. Hi! Could you post instructions on how to make a DosBox compatible version?
    Thing is, I want to play this while using mobile phone/tablet on the go, and it seems that is the only sane way to do that right now.

      • Bloody Nex on January 2, 2017 at 5:11 pm
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      Okay, so first I’ll say that it is possible. It all hinges on long file name support, though, so you’ll need a version of DOSBox for your mobile platform that has that (which is not a part of the core DOSBox code).
      My method isn’t super easy, and I’m fairly certain there’s a better way but the details were over my head (it involves cross-compiling to a DOS executable). First, I wound up needing NTVDM; though I did find a long file name enabled version of DOSBox it wound up crashing when it would try to link the compiled objects. If you’re not familiar, NTVDM was the DOS emulator built in to 32-bit versions of Windows. From there, I needed to use version 2.6.4 of FPC’s Go32v2 (DOS version) compiler since the current version was lacking the “crt” unit. But under NTVDM that version compiled and linked everything okay and it can run under the long file name enabled DOSBox — but it immediately returns to the command prompt if run on regular DOSBox since it fails to find data files.

        • Bloody Nex on January 2, 2017 at 6:05 pm
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        Actually, the build I managed to make errors out at character creation the moment mecha selection comes up. My bad on the false hope; I tested all the way into the game under WinXP, but only made sure it started up under DOSBox.
        However, it’s possible you could run a linux version via something like Linux Deploy and a VNC viewer. It’s a lot of work just for one game though (plus I think it requires rooting).

        1. Indeed, it’s a lot of effort.

          I even thought of porting the game over to python/javascript. That desperate.

          But hadn’t had the time to finish it up.

    1. I think GearHead can be compiled directly for Android, if that’s any help.

    • Cornuthaum on January 14, 2017 at 3:44 pm
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    Hey! I’ve been on a GH2 kick again (the lure of mecha is irresistible to me) but I am absolutely, 100% a stupidest-possible-user when it comes to compiling things.

    Seeing as you’ve made a lot of improvements to GH2 compared to the 6 year old install I have on my PC, is there any way you can upload a compiled version of GH2 as it is at the moment?

    1. What OS are you on?

      I’ve compiled some on MacOS and Windows.

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