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I have returned from San Francisco and am now a certified master of fine arts. Yeah!

I’ve started on the process of making GearHead2’s SDL interface resizable, just like GH1. So far the screen size can be changed but few screen elements reposition themselves. Also, I’ve fixed a long-standing bug where “Ask About Rumors” will sometimes abruptly end the conversation. My next step is to get the rest of the screen elements working with resizing, then to replace the shoddy world map interface with a chunky map as in GH2.1.

Space is endless, but the interface still thinks it's 800x600.

Space is endless, but the interface still thinks it’s 800×600.

By the way, the other guy in the photo at the top is Pete Glanting; you should check out his webcomic Tomorrow Jerks.


    • Cornuthaum on August 24, 2016 at 9:25 pm
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    Is there any way to stop scrapped mechs or fighters from flying to the edge of the combat area and then vanishing? I lost far too much good salvage from that 🙁

    1. Whoa! They actually vanish? I thought they stopped when on the edge. Granted it really is annoying to have to waste a lot of time chasing down these floating dead asshats just to get a few thousands worth of salvage.

    • nymersic on September 17, 2016 at 4:15 pm
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    Been a couple years since I played, but from what I remember…
    I think the ones on the ground will crash, but ones in purely space battles, their inertia will carry them off the map when they become disabled.
    I remember trying to rush my faster mecha to the craft to quickly loot it (the game insensibly let you loot everything in one turn, if I remember). That, or just trying to stop in its path is about all you can do, until he adds tractor beams or something, I guess!

    I sorta like this and sorta don’t. The craft would keep its speed in whatever direction it was going, after all…

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