GH1v1.302: Dawn of Bear Bastard


I’ve just uploaded GearHead 1 v1.302 to GitHub. This release adds the first new content of my recent revisions in the form of two new lancemates. The Fan is a wannabe cavalier; they might not be very good at adventuring yet, but they have a lot of room for growth. Bear Bastard is the leader of the Teddy Bandits. Despite his criminal ways, he remains true to the code of Shonen Knife Bushido.

As usual, there are also several bugfixes. Check beneath the fold for the complete list of changes.

  • Fixed lone enemy bug in SCENE_CaptureMecha.txt.
  • Updated PLOT_BanditJob1.txt, PLOT_BanditJob2.txt, PLOT_BanditJob3.txt, PLOT_BountyHunt1.txt. These missions should now use memos, email, and difficulty rating properly.
  • Added Fan Club, Bear Bastard lancemates
  • Fixed weapon switch bug (pcaction.pp)
  • Fixed parent’s letter bug (arenascript.pp)
  • Fixed Mauna Cavern bug (ADV_FederatedTerritories.txt)
  • Fixed SDL info display for express delivery bug (services.pp)
  • Title screen menu set to RPMNoCancel in SDL (gharena.pas)

Try it out and let me know what you think.

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