CBG-87 Ice Wind


The Ice Wind is a light general-purpose battroid produced by Cobolt Battle Group of Wujung. It comes equipped with twin laser cannons and a variety of externally mounted weapons. Despite being the second most common chassis in the solar system, the Ice Wind is not popular with pilots, and is frequently denigrated as a “henchman’s mecha”.

The first Ice Winds rolled off the assembly line in NT139. The founder of CBG, Alexandr Cobolt, had great ambitions for this design. He intended the Ice Wind to serve as a modern replacement for the badly outdated defense mecha currently in use on Earth- the Buru-Buru, Condor, and Corsair. To this end the Ice Wind was equipped with the latest in modern technology. Of course, in order to keep the cost down some sacrifices had to be made.

At 13m tall the Ice Wind is fairly small for a main line combatant. Its general build has been described as “sleek” by proponents and as “scrawny” by people who are being perhaps a bit more honest. Its standard weapon complement is fairly light, consisting mainly of swarm missiles and an 8mm railgun. The cockpit is spartan and doesn’t even include an entertainment center.

Although the Ice Wind performed well by any objective standard, its various deficiencies meant that it would never be accepted by pilots as a “sexy” machine. In order to boost sales CBG began offering bulk discounts to governments and individuals who bought five or more Ice Winds at once. The strategy paid off. Within five years Ice Winds were in common use from Earth to Mars.

Nobody buys an Ice Wind so they can use it themselves. No, it’s definitely a henchman’s ride. It’s short so it won’t show up the captain on the news footage. And the weapons? That slivergun isn’t designed for destroying enemies, oh no, it’s just there to soften them up a bit. Same with the missiles. Send in the Ice Winds, soften them up, then swoop in and claim the kills. It’s a brilliant machine Cobolt designed. It’s just something that no self-respecting cavalier should ever be forced to pilot.

For the design’s tenth anniversary in NT149, CBG released a new mid-range variant known as the Ice Fox. This version featured a redesigned head, heavier missile racks, improved electronics, and enhanced mobility. The Ice Fox has avoided the stigma associated with the Ice Wind and is generally hailed as a good mecha, but ironically it hasn’t sold nearly as well as its predecessor. According to rumor CBG is planning to release another new design in NT159 for the twentieth anniversary.


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    • Francisco Muñoz on March 24, 2016 at 3:35 pm
    • Reply

    It could be a nice addition to have a plot where you will be able to get a deal for 4 assorted icewinds + 1 icefox.
    (Not sure if posted this too the 1st time you wrote this bit)

    1. I don’t remember, but that’s a good idea.

    • Random commenter on March 24, 2016 at 9:41 pm
    • Reply

    It’d be great if such kinds of lore would be more common in the game itself, together with different cavaliers and other people connected to the mecha in some way commenting on said mecha abilities, how luxurious is the cockpit etc once asked.

    • Leroy Kosaka on March 26, 2016 at 3:43 am
    • Reply

    I don’t recall ever hearing about Cobolt Battle Group ingame before. Do they have any NPC reps, like the other corps do?

    1. No, most of the smaller companies didn’t get detailed in-game.

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