Merry Christmas: GearHead Arena-R Released

As a special treat to GearHead fans (or at least the more gearhead-oriented of them) this Christmas, I’m pleased to announce the first release of GH: Arena-R.

What is it?

Arena-R is a remake of GearHead:Arena using the GearHead-2 engine and Lua scripting. It’s a learning exercise for myself and for others who want to make their own content. Together we can fill up this empty world. Who knows, maybe this time the rusty scepter quest can even be finished.

What can it do?

At the moment, not much. The only town in the game is Hogye Village. There’s a mecha arena and a couple of dungeons. Of course you’re free to add new content and modify the existing stuff- in fact, that’s the whole point!

Creating content with Lua is much easier than it was with ArenaScript. Conversations may be laid out in a natural fashion. There are a couple of (hopefully) well-documented tutorials to help get you started.

The GH2 world map navigator has been completely rewritten. I hope that you’ll enjoy this version much more than the previous.

How can I help?

Download the game and see what you can make with it. Share your results here or on the forum. Make suggestions, report bugs, and have fun trying to break things.

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    [...] just released a new game in the GearHead Line: Arena-R, a remake of GH1 using the GH2 engine and Lua scripting. This is basically a learning exercise so I [...]

  2. plaintextman Says:

    I think that remaking GH1 using the GH2 engine and Lua is a great idea. I’ve downloaded the binaries and sources for Linux, and I’m checking it out, but I am having some trouble getting the game engine to run.

    The first thing I’m going to do is to add some GH1 mecha back into the game, notably the Vespa, Strongarm and the awesome Excel. And of course perhaps a few weapons, because I think chemically-powered and balistic weapons are underrated. Hopefully I manage to give my additions a very terran/GH1 flavor, and then I should probably share those and see if JH would like to incorporate them into the main release.

    Question is, where to get help on compiling/running Arena_R, and from where the Arena-R undertaking will be (loosely) organized. Some forums? The site?

  3. Joseph Hewitt Says:

    Peridot solved some of the issues, and released his patches on the GearHead forum.,1623.msg15509.html#msg15509

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