GH2 v0.613: Happy Birthday Frumple

A new version of GearHead2 has just been uploaded to SourceForge. Also, it’s Frumple’s birthday. Hooray!

The big change this time around is the improved lancemate system. You start out with the ability to take on one lancemate; you can gain up to two more slots by completing quests in your hometown. If you attempt to add a new lancemate while your party is full (say, by hiring a mercenary) then you’ll have the option to drop a character currently in the party. The core story partner can be removed like any normal lancemate, but for the time being I’d advise against doing so.

Here’s the list of changes:

- Encounters visible even if on a hill (glmap.pp)
- Can clear email by passing message index 0 (arenascript.pp)
- Added IfMeritBadge, Announce, EndPlotsByConID ASL commands (arenascript.pp)
- Added merit badges (ghchars.pp)
- NPC XRan context will include GOOD, EVIL tags (playwright.pp)
- StartPlot, StartStory commands updated (arenascript.pp)
- Factions can be initialized with standard scripts (gearparser.pp)
- Mecha arenas won't let you compete without a suitable mecha
- More enemies will appear if you have many lancemates (arenascript.pp)
- Script XP awards reduced if more than one lancemate (arenascript.pp)
- If adding lancemate when party full, may automatically drop some (arenascript.pp)
- If remove lancemate in bad place, LM will go to safe area (arenascript.pp)
- Plot lancemates can join, quit lance like regular lancemates (arenascript.pp)
- Increased number of basic lancemate slots from 1 to 3 (arenascript.pp)

Try it out and let me know what you think.

3 Responses to “GH2 v0.613: Happy Birthday Frumple”

  1. Frumple Says:

    Ahahaha, I’m tickled plain PINK! A wonderful counterpoint to my other present-thus-far (Massive tension headache from attempting to last-minute complete an essay, whee~ 3 hours left ’till the printing machine’s available, and I’ve been awake foooorrr… 21 hours? Around that. Heeheehee.)!

    The mech arenas only letting in apropos mecha is probably the change that makes me the most immediately happy, especially if it applies to arena mode too; I’ve lost like five high-end utility monkies to them being in a non-X worthy mecha and going out naked because of it.

    Though the resulting expression on my face and subsequent string of (internalized, for the roomates’ benefit) vulgarities when I realized what had happened were probably worth a fair degree of amusement to someone out there.

    All I need now to make my day complete is sleep and something sufficiently shiny that can spin. Well, and finishing the last bit of this paper, aheh.

  2. Onisuzume Says:

    Maybe it would be an idea to automatically send any dismissed lancemate to the nearest bar area?

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