GearHead2 v0.610: Long Time Coming

It’s been a while since the last update, but there’s a lot of good stuff to report. First of all Mischa’s Story has started up again at Ataraxia Theatre. Second, Ladi has provided some incredible wallpaper featuring the characters from the story. You can download it in two sizes:

Finally, the long-awaited GearHead2 v0.610 has just been released. Here’s the list of changes:

- Rewrote the shopping wares selector (services.pp)
- Should now be able to add lancemate in combat (arenascript.pp)
- If portrait not found, new portrait should be selected (glinfo.pp)
- Reworked the cost of stat modifiers (ghmodule.pp)
- Error message printed if map feature minimap fails (randmaps.pp)
- Fixed bug with teams appearing in express shipping menu (locale.pp)
- Cyberware will affect mapping range (ability.pp)
- Repair in arena mode should be working again (gh2arena.pp)
- Added Dao Deoji mecha
- Added Wagner Spinner, Clund Rock locations
- Warning message printed in configuration file (ui4gh.pp)
- If NoMouse active mouse will not scroll menu or map (glmap.pp,glmenus.pp)
- Added facing indicator and experimental paperdoll, mesh modes (glmap.pp)
- Changed the cave generator a bit (randmaps.pp)
- Removed food quantity stat (ghswag.pp)
- Identical items will be combined in inventory display (menugear.pp)
- Added GearsAreIdentical function (gearutil.pp)
- Can phone people directly from memo display (arenascript.pp)
- Memo browser will show custom message if no memos (arenascript.pp)
- Heavy Actuators won’t provide range bonus to non-thrown weapons (locale.pp)
- Review Cyberware should work now (training.pp)
- Dungeon entrance should have correct name (mpbuilder.pp)
- Variety rancon command will deal correctly with unicon (randmaps.pp)
- There will be fewer Polymaths among basic mode characters (chargen.pp)
- All mecha combat maps should now be 50 x 50
- Mecha which have left the map can’t be involved in charges (arenacfe.pp)
- View Mecha shop option now uses TeamMateName (services.pp)
- Give item in FieldHQ now uses TeamMateName (backpack.pp)
- Added LoseRenown ASL command (arenascript.pp)
- NPCs will no longer be deployed on city maps (arenaplay.pp)
- Fixed problem with number of lancemate slots (arenascript.pp)
- Increased power of Overload attacks (effects.pp)
- Browser info for mecha shows percent damaged (glinfo.pp,vidinfo.pp)

You should be able to download it from SourceForge, if not now then in a few minutes; apparently, they’re having some problems with the new file manager.

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  1. :: Temple of the Roguelike - Roguelike News, Reviews, Interviews and Information :: » Blog Archive » Releases wire XXX! Says:

    [...] GearHead2 0.610 Since the start of development, GH2 has used mostly the same game system as GH1, but that changed in v0.600. The character rules have been streamlined. The number of skills has been chopped from 43 to 25. Conversation is no longer a mandatory skill, and the rumor system has been reworked. It should be easier to create distinct characters with a strong concept, rather than having every character end up the same. [...]

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Um…probably not the place to make a bug report, but I don’t want to sign up on the forums or send an email. So, I’ll tell you here. I was conducting a mission in Cayley Rock Exterior, and as I was blasting the living hell out of the three enemy mecha, I got farther south on the map, and guess what I found but a lake and forest? Yes, that’s right: a small lake and some “light forest” on the surface of an airless asteroid. This makes no sense. I hope finding lakes and forests on airless asteroids isn’t a feature, unless there’s some cockamamie explanation involving GM trees…and, for that matter, GM water that doesn’t simultaneously boil and freeze when exposed to the extreme vacuum and low temperatures to be found on the surface of an asteroid.

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