First Real Victory!

I’m very happy to announce that I’ve received the first GH2 victory file from someone other than myself. Congratulations to Burzmali on completing the game, and sorry about all the bugs you found along the way. There’s still plenty of time left in January if you’re hoping to get a postcard, so keep playing and let me know if you run into any problems.

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to report bugs and deadends. Your work has been greatly appreciated. I’ll try to make a new release later this week so those of you waiting for deadends to be fixed can resume your campaigns then.

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  1. Onisuzume Says:

    Yeah, congratulation Burz.

  2. Hard as Iron Says:

    Wow, nice. I suspect I’m really close to finishing though, since I just beat the part when you have mass henchmen spawning around you. I was really, really glad to have a high stealth score. :)

  3. Burzmali Says:

    Stealth might be nice, but I don’t think I could have won without soaking a TON of money into Mecha Piloting, Mecha Gunnery and Mecha Artillery. Even then, it took three tries to beat Oldsep (the head-mounted cockpit in the Bargol is a cursed blessing). Towards the end, combat starts to get interesting with both sides having very low hit probabilities and battles consisting of each side pounding the other with blast weapons in an effort to blow enough armor away to score a kill with the lucky shot that connects. Joe has mentioned that Spot Weakness and Sniper are an abusive combo, but towards the end, high BV weapons were more valuable as they tended to have high hit rates.

    As I told Joe, I did have to hit the autosave a bit whenever I was in personal combat, not because I was in danger, but because my lancemates tended to try to hand-to-hand a Sentinel or nuke the target we were told to take alive.

  4. unback Says:

    Gratz Burzmali!
    And by the way, you think of any good way of plating GH2 without num.keypad? Are the keys confable? and if they are, where?

  5. Hard as Iron Says:

    I hear you. I have 12 in piloting, gunnery, and artillery now from using all the money I saved up, and I still have a tough time with the 1v1 thief missions, the ones that pay half a million. Burst weapons, and even “newbie” frag weapons like the blunderbuss, are very nice, and though expensive, a light nuke that I won from a kraken is my most important backup. Sniper isn’t too powerful to me at all, but then again I loaded all my experience into stat boosts instead of fighting skills, so maybe I am a bit gimped.

  6. Joseph Hewitt Says:

    Okay. I’ll hold off on decreasing the power of Sniper for now, add the other combat talents and see what happens. By the end of the game my characters were doing pretty well with single fire weapons and called shots; they wouldn’t hit every time, but when they did it’d usually be the end of whatever they were aiming at.

    Here’s another idea for changing the combat system: Allow “careful aim” shots. An attack with this option activated gets a bonus to hit, doubles the player’s recall time, and costs MP. It would be possible to have different levels of careful shots similar to the ADOM tactics slider.

  7. Trorbes Says:

    I like that idea. It would make called shots (especially deep ones) more usable without impossibly-high skills or perfect conditions. If you’re open to suggestions about it, I would suggest maybe making it where using the option takes a turn and adds a bonus to your next shot. Subsequent uses would add more to the bonus, but losing sight of the target or changing targets, moving, or anything else that could cost time would lose the bonus.

  8. Hard as Iron Says:

    More uses for MP and SP would be good. I never take the skills that boost these. If unlocking doors still gave experience I would get the MP one. ;) 15 or so experience a door would help a lot. Right now, it’s not hard to find ways around locked doors, and I might only unlock 2-3 in a level, not enough to justify a new skill.

    On another note, I’ve found that monster assault cannons are profoundly worthless. They’re far too weak and inaccurate for their weight. 11 tons of mass is enough for 2 breaker cannons (which are, on the flip side, insanely powerful). For their rarity and intimidating name, they’re very disappointing.

  9. macksting Says:

    Unless GH2′s significantly different in this regard, I’ve found that a baseline point in Athletics and Concentration (the skills which up AP and SP, respectively) at character creation is all I need do in terms of points. Thereafter, I easily hit lev. 8 in each simply by almost never letting the AP and SP pools hit max for more than a round. It seems allowing them to recover naturally gains those skills experience.

  10. Hard as Iron Says:

    Any way to restart the story line? I lost a storyline fight from being on the wrong side of a nuclear missile, and have no clue how to get on the wagon again.

  11. Onisuzume Says:

    Well, first of all: try to see if you can find something in a different spinner, if not, try the debug menu.

  12. Burzmali Says:

    The story shouldn’t have terminated unless it posted a dead end message. Try going to every spinner (or just friendly spinners if you are in a faction) and check for new rumours or emails (you have to be at the spinner to get the email). If that doesn’t work you can check your save file for the next location searching for “name ” and checking from there.

  13. Burzmali Says:

    Actually, Onisuzume, ‘rsc’ing the game will screw up your savegame if the core story hasn’t deadended.

    H_as_I, has the mission giver acknowledged your failure yet? I had a similar problem that was due to a bug, so if the mission giver is still telling you to “Report back when the mission is finished”, you’ve got a different problem.

  14. Burzmali Says:

    Actually, you should search for Core Story, sorry the blog comment thingie doesn’t like greater-than and less-than signs.

  15. Onisuzume Says:

    “Actually, Onisuzume, ‘rsc’ing the game will screw up your savegame if the core story hasn’t deadended.”
    Which was my first suggestion…
    Thank you for reading my post with care.

    “Actually, you should search for Core Story, sorry the blog comment thingie doesn’t like greater-than and less-than signs.”
    That’s because of the HTML script/code/thingy.

  16. Burzmali Says:

    Onisuzume, ‘rcs’ing a name that has not deadend’ed is never a good idea. It will corrupt your save to a state that only Joe can fix. While I agree with your first suggestion, the second was not a good idea.

  17. Burzmali Says:

    Also, could someone help buy Kornel a new HD for his server, or convince him to run a couple scandisks to contain the bad sectors?

  18. Hard as Iron Says:

    Win #2.


    The Final Battle (it’s hilarious that it’s even called that in game) almost requires nukes to win, and it actually lagged up my dual core computer, there are so many units on the field. Mjolnir missiles were also a very powerful, accurate weapon. Reaver railguns and breaker cannons are good default weapons. I can’t think of any worthwhile energy weapons, and in fact I removed batteries from my mecha to save weight. The single strongest weapon I remember was the kraken triple cannon; that thing is simply vicious.

    I never figured out what the emerald and the heart of fire (something like that) mini fusion reactor were for, or valuable corporate data that I managed to steal. I also bugged up the Theles missions by staying neutral to the rebels after accepting the technocrat mission; additionally, I never found the missing guy in the sewers.

    Also, there’s a mission where you can turn someone in before the match, and I decided not to, and the memo wouldn’t go away.

    Finally, some skills like insight and biotech aren’t used much at all. It’s still overall great for such an early version.

  19. Burzmali Says:

    Bah, I used an Ultra Bazooka, I never even saw a nuke. I didn’t see much lag, but I play mecha combat in menu mode so YMMV.

  20. Joseph Hewitt Says:

    Congratulations, Hard_As_Iron! You seem to have gone through a lot of lancemates in that adventure… just out of curiosity, did Tama survive the final battle?

    The match where you can turn someone in is against Kolo; IIRC you have to speak with him again after the match to dispel the message. I’ll test that when I have the time. I need to get the proper portraits for both Tama and Kolo… maybe I’ll do all of this tomorrow.

    Biotech is almost completely useless at the moment. Insight has a fair number of uses; I’d say that at this stage it’s more useful than survival, science, or mysticism.

    What do you mean you bugged up the Theles mission? AFAIK, it’ll just stay in the current state until you pick a side in the conflict.

  21. Hard as Iron Says:

    The rebel leader disappeared. He only spoke to me when I entered the rebel satellite, and I decided on neutrality for then. When I wanted to talk to him later, after changing my mind, he wasn’t there, and I couldn’t even telephone him. If I turn my back on the technocrats, they turn hostile, I kill them, and I’m permanently stuck in their building because the elevators all shut down. I wrote off the quest as broken at that point.

    Yep, my lancemates were cannon fodder. I usually gave them a phoenix or a daum or some midtier mecha, since I didn’t want them wasting a Savin or anything nice. I could have gone all out at the end, but I already had a habit of giving them budget equipment. A new shop that sells fresh meat/lancemates would have helped me out a lot. ;)

    After figuring out how great training was, I realized that spending on stats wasn’t a waste at all. In fact, I think it’s easily the better deal. It’s a good thing the knowledge skills are trainable (at Gaos I think), since it leads to more skills, which mean more opportunities for stat boosts. The experience requirements for level 10+ skills are so high, there’s no reason to ever invest in them, when credits are so much more efficient.

    I’ll think about all that happened and make a post on my recommendations and comments later.

  22. Hard as Iron Says:

    And no, I don’t think Tama made it. In fact, I didn’t make it. ;) I killed the archrival in a mad rush and was promptly torn apart by his buddies, but I got credit for the win anyway.

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