GearHead Forum Down

There’s something going wrong at the GearHead forum. I’ve just informed Kornel, and hopefully everything can be fixed soon. In the meantime we can use this post as an open thread.

If you’d like to help, head over to the miniBB homepage and see if you can find anything about this bug. I won’t have time to do any detailed searching myself until at least Monday.

Edit- I’ve found something that may be a clue. If you do a search on the forum, it will come up with a list of posts but all the titles will be n/a. This suggests to me that there’s some kind of database issue going on, although I know next to nothing about these things and could very easily be wrong. In any case I’ve backed up the blog.

11 Responses to “GearHead Forum Down”

  1. Burzmali Says:

    I hate to say this but mass disappearing post like that seems database error due to hardware malfunction. I’ve exported the articles from the wiki to keep them safe for now.

  2. Joseph Hewitt Says:

    I just got an email from Kornel, and he thinks the same thing. He’s going to try restoring the forum from a backup when he has the chance.

  3. macksting Says:

    I suppose it could be worse. How y’all hangin’ in there?

  4. Onisuzume Says:

    Yeah, its kinda disappointing that the forum is down…

  5. Baka To The Future Says:

    Yea rah December.

    Shame about the forum. Now what am I going to do at work?

    Good luck with the diagnosis and treatment.

  6. Joseph Hewitt Says:

    This week I have a terrible head cold. Even worse, Sean caught it too. Fortunately it seems to be disappearing as quickly as it came; I feel much better today than I did on Sunday, when I kind of felt like Jeff Goldblum right at the end of “The Fly”.

    Getting back on topic, has anyone played any of the mecha arenas to the end yet? Caher is an insanely difficult pilot to beat. My character made short work of Aspis, struggled a bit but eventually defeated Vanda, but so far has been unable to beat Caher. I’ve lost two mecha to him already and I don’t know when I’ll be ready to go back for a third try. Part of the problem is that he has stealth, and often pilots a ZAM-99 Roc: surprise attacks + hyper weapon = short fight.

  7. Erathoniel Says:

    I’ve never even been granted the ability to enter any of the Pro Duelist arenas. Never had enough Reputation.

  8. Burzmali Says:

    I beat all of the arenas a few releases ago, before the Roc. But that was largely due to my luck in acquiring an Apollo Rifle (?) early on.

  9. clasic_traveller_diehard Says:

    Well I had my last class of the semester today so since I have a few weeks free time I vow to beat gh1 by January 17th (preferably using an army of robots)

  10. Burzmali Says:

    Any word on the forum? Should we look into starting up a Yahoo group or something in the meantime?

  11. Joseph Hewitt Says:

    No word on the forum yet. We still have the yahoo group, if anyone’s interested in posting there.

    The ending for GH2 is nearly finished. I’m not sure that I like it yet, though. The partner and love interest resolution subplots have been put on hold as neither the love interest nor the partner have gotten any real character development yet.

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