GearHead2 v0.511

GearHead2 v0.511 has just been uploaded to SourceForge. This is a fairly minor release. Two new BeanPole episodes and two potential episodes have been added. If you hit a dead end last time, press “#” and type “rcs” after installing the new version and with any luck this should restart the core story. If you immediately hit another dead end please send me the details so I can get to work on patching up the holes.

Here’s the list of changes:

  • Added two more episodes of the BeanPole campaign, plus two extra episodes
  • Added Ramuh mecha
  • Fixed indestructible building bug (locale.pp)
  • +Tht, +Tpt tasks folded into +Tgt
  • Items given to PC will be given to pilot if possible (backpack.pp)
  • NeverFail with unspecified job creates random NPC (playwright.pp)
  • NeverFail NPCs get search string applied as chardesc (playwright.pp)
  • Personal allies include LANCEMATE in search description (interact.pp)
  • \PPR, \SPR, and \OPR with argument 0 gives PC’s pronoun (arenascript.pp)
  • Megaplots won’t combine components with similar changes (mpbuilder.pp)
  • Added PMemo ASL command (arenascript.pp)
  • Reaction time calculator changed (ability.pp)
  • Player-owned gears always moved from metascene (arenaplay.pp)
  • Added some new attitudes, motivations (playwright.pp)

Try it out, let me know what you think, and especially let me know if you hit any dead ends.

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