Some GearHead Updates

It’s been a while, but here are some updates:

  • Work continues on the GearHead Python conversion. You can see the forum and the design doc for recent developments.
  • This site has been updated with the latest WordPress, which should hopefully put an end to the troubles we’ve been having.
  • Mischa’s Story will continue in the new year with a visit to the Rishiri Dominion’s high tech asteroid prison. Also, the first chapters of are being prepared for release as free ebooks, so you’ll be able to catch up with what’s happened so far and learn some new things about the L5 region.

2 Responses to “Some GearHead Updates”

  1. plaintextman Says:

    Yey, Mischa’s story in ebook form!

  2. Shin Majin Says:

    Personally, I’m more excited to hear that GH is continuing development! It’s been almost a year without an announcement, so I was pretty worried!

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