Random Portrait Generator

I’ve been working on a paper doll type portrait construction system for GearHead Caramel. This is the first randomly generated portrait created by the system; the player will also be able to use the portrait generator to customize their character. Once I have randomized NPCs up and running I’ll be able to start work on DeadZone Drifter, the next adventure module.

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    • MechaScavenger on September 14, 2018 at 5:03 am
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    Looks alright though far from typical “pretty anime character” proportions. which I guess also makes sense, not everyone has to look good. Some improvements would still be good – aside from the fact I really liked anime characters of earlier (Gearhead’s por_f_ladi_vikki just looks cute!) the nose has sharper, thinner line making it than the rest of the portrait.

    Overall, though, I do like the direction of it – too often characters look like copies of each other with palette swap. Well, because that’s kinda what they were. Not the most important feature for the gameplay, but a nice QoL improvement.

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