Apr 03

More GearHead2 Thoughts

Sorry for the silence- it’s been a busy couple of months. I’ve been playing through GearHead-2 again. Tonight, my character Hawk finally earned the respect of his criminal space trucker rival.

One of the things that makes GearHead-2 very different from GearHead-1 is the scale. In GH1, you will travel between a small number of cities, most of which consist of a single scene. You will probably get to know a number of NPCs, especially if you join a faction and see the same few faces every time there’s an invasion. In GH2, on the other hand, you get to travel through a large number of cities, each of which contains many sub-scenes. You probably won’t remember any of the NPCs because you’ll be interacting with so many of them that they all become a blur. Also because of this scale, there will usually be plenty of missions available, even if your character hasn’t mastered Conversation.

In those cases where GearHead-2 allows the PC to form a relationship with an NPC (mainly the lancemates and the core story enemy), it works much better than GH1. Unfortunately, the other NPCs melt into a faceless blob.

The last thing I want to do before making a new release is to add graphics for spaceships and fortresses. As several players have noticed, these used to be rendered as meshes in the OpenGL version and I forgot to give them sprites after switching back to SDL. Hopefully I can get that done this week.

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  1. Eric

    Of the 16 factions of GearHead 2, which of the factions can one actually join? I remember that in GearHead 1 you could not join every faction. So are some factions not available to join in GearHead 2 or are all of them open to join?

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