May 24

GearHead RPG Wikia


Somebody has started a new GearHead wiki at Wikia. It still needs a lot of work, so if you have the time and interest consider entering some mecha or whatnot. I’m not sure if everything from the archive.org capture of the old wiki has been added yet.


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  1. Francisco Muñoz

    This really need some kind of dump from the game to generate the mecha stats easily… another easy stuff to try myself.

    1. Joseph Hewitt

      That’s a great idea, and it shouldn’t be too hard to pull off. Let me know what you come up with.

  2. Francisco Muñoz

    I did a simple shortable mecha table. It should be on the wiki.

  3. Veryinky

    I started it last month but got distracted, still very incomplete.

  4. Francisco Muñoz

    Added Tons, MV, TR & SE to the list
    PS: Also added hands and mounting points too.
    I’ll try later to create a small repository with the source code (as I have also some dump from equipment too)

  5. Francisco Muñoz

    Just a small repository with a single source file.

    Current version has mecha and personal scale weapons info.

    It’s increible wasteful as it read the equipment file again and again instead of reusing the item list… but there isn’t need to be fast nor elegant, it works.

  6. Mike H

    Are these commands up to date? http://isometricland.net/keyboard/chart-gearhead.php?gam=76&sty=15&lay=1

    1. Joseph Hewitt

      I think so.

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