Apr 18

GearHead1 Character Creation

There aren’t a lot of GearHead videos on YouTube, so I made this one to showcase the character creator. I’m going to try an make another video showing the start of the RPG campaign soon.


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  1. Tung

    I thought you implemented skill number indicator at advanced character creation screen some time ago.

    1. Joseph Hewitt

      The ASCII mode character display had that; the number of skill points remaining turns red if the skill limit is exceeded. I just added it to the SDL mode as well.

      The training interface, which uses a similar layout to the character generator, indicates the number of skill slots remaining when a new skill is learned.

  2. Cornuthaum

    The Audio is, alas, buggered: Your recorded voice volume is impossibly low – enough to hear that you are speaking, but not enough to understand a word, sadly. 🙁

    1. Cornuthaum

      Nevermind, that was just my headset being borked. Ignore me, I fail at life.

  3. Francisco Muñoz

    You can also add some colour to the personality value selection (maybe get it more blue as you pick same choice several times)

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