Mar 12

The Old Old Days


While backing up files today I found some pictures from GearHead’s past. The initial version of the isometric SDL interface was, as you can see, a mess. There was an earlier graphical version of the game that used an overhead view and a different FreePascal graphics unit for rendering (I think it was called GraphiX? I can’t remember), but I can’t find any screenshots of that one.

I wonder what font I used in pre-release GearHead?


Initially, I planned for each portrait to have five facial expressions depending on the character’s mood. In retrospect I’m glad I didn’t go with that because it would have been tons of work.


I also found this paperdoll avatar worksheet I started but abandoned. The bellbottom pants would have been authentic to Mobile Suit Gundam, at least.


Finally, I was reminded that several of the monsters in the game started out as clay models that I photographed with a webcam and traced in Ultimate Paint.

Looking at these old pictures makes me quite proud of how far the game has come.


  1. Michael Horvath

    Did you find any of the old Anim8or /LDraw models you said you lost? Not every character/mecha sprite has a corresponding 3D model (anymore).

  2. Michael Horvath

    The facial expressions are a pretty cool idea IMO.

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