Mar 11

New Backpack Display


The inventory/equipment interface has a new look. Next step: expand and improve the item descriptions.


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  1. Random commenter

    Lookin’ good. Looking forward to item descriptions and other such fluff.

  2. DudeGuyMan

    So glad this game is being worked on again!

    We need a new forum!

  3. Plllizzz

    Imho would be great if each part of weapon’s functionality [Arc, +acc, BV etc.] displayed in a new line. would make it much cleaner to read.

    1. Joseph Hewitt

      That’s my plan. Also, there should be plenty of room to write the stat names in full (“Range”, “Burst Value”).

      Now that I think about it, maybe “Burst Value” should be renamed to something clearer, like “Rapid Fire”.

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